Holly has been living in Melbourne for over 30 years. She owns and runs a travel agency business in Melbourne, conducting private tours to approximately 25 countries around the world including Australia (www.design4utravel.com). Holly owns and manages these 5 properties for over the last 10 years– Elwood Seaside Home, Beachfront Apartment and Poets Retreat in Elwood, Bayside Melbourne Apartment in Port Melbourne and Santa Monica in Carnegie

Holly has received a very high rating at booking.com, Stay and Airbnb for all 5 properties from previous travellers who have stayed at her properties. You can read over 600 reviews on those platforms.

Holly can speak English, Vietnamese and French fluently, and basic Korean. She is passionate about travel and has visited many countries around the world. Holly has a great understanding of dealing with guests from all walks of life and from different cultures.

“Having travelled extensively around the world, I aim to provide the same high standards that I received on my travels and share with my guests the benefits of living in this amazing city and country.”

Holly Mullaney – Owner and Host